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Provided by freelance web designer and developer Ashley Johnson.

 I am a bit of a hybrid Web Developer. I like to utilize my skills both front and back end, as well as keep in touch with my creative side, designing websites (making things pretty). With experience working for one of the largest B2B (Business to business) e-commerce companies in the UK (Evosite) and loving every minute of it you can rest assured that I know what I am doing.

What I Do

I am a web designer and developer who designs and builds bespoke responsive websites which generate you or your business more leads, or sales and raise awareness of your brand. I create websites that work to aid your business, product and your customers.

My Process

Creating a new website should be an enjoyable process; therefore I work closely with you using open communication and active feedback so we can form the perfect website for your business together. This will include meetings if required

The End Result

A beautiful, fast, easy-to-use website that works across all modern devices and is optimized for search engines. I will also provide training to you on how to update your own websites, which will reduce the high maintenance fees charged by some companies.

My Work

I take pride when it comes to designing and building for specific businesses. I consider every aspect of a project to achieve not just something that looks beautiful, but actually functions and achieves its business purpose.

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