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Web Design & Local SEO Services

AJSites provides web design & development, local SEO & Google My Business SEO for small to medium-sized businesses. 

If you have a problem, I can already tell you. It shouldn’t be getting new customers. It’s having a predictable system for getting new customers. Traditional ways of getting customers to, and growing a business involve 2 main options.

Firstly, paying to advertise. Which means you have to spend money and potentially cheapen your own brand image in the process. It is also possible to attract the wrong audience completely with paid advertising. 

The second option you have available through traditional means is to hire a dedicated sales-person. To go out and sell your brand, create hype and ultimately bring new customers to your business. We all know how costly this could be.

Which is why I believe in a third, more modern approach to business advertisements. Utilize your website as your best salesman, it can go all around the world almost instantly. 

Did you know that up to 70% of search engine clicks actually go to the top results (organic search), and not the paid adverts stuck to the top of the page? Ashley at AJSites specializes in creating SEO campaigns, new websites & complete digital marketing packages for small businesses. Aimed to increase organic search traffic to your website, by targetting keywords your customers search for. Broadening your audience to get you more clicks. 

Web Design in Somerset
& LOCAL SEO Services

 Customers are searching for businesses like yours right now. If you do not appear at the top of the results, guess who does? Your competition. They’re getting those leads.

I can help you get those leads for yourself.

Optimizing Local Somerset Businesses Online

Behind all the marketing, there is an exact science when it comes to search engine optimization.

What gets your page to the top of Google? My unique approach is a combination of carefully written content, which is keyword rich and directly answers the questions the visitor has. Including a careful eye for detail and consistency when it comes to online profiles. 


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increase in traffic

Ethical. White hat.
& I don’t outsource

I never outsource. Ever. If you choose to work with me, you get me. No agencies, no freelancers from In time, I hope to grow this business to allow me to hire my own staff. But for the meanwhile, you’ll be dealing with me – Ashley. 

I am a firm believer that a one-to-one conversation is better than having information passed around an office, from design to code, you’ll only ever deal with myself. Let’s avoid miscommunication by being proactive I say.

I have spent my formative years surrounded by technology and the web. Studying software development during college. Going on to complete an apprenticeship. With one of the largest e-commerce companies in the South West of England.

Help Customers find your business

I offer a complete Google My Business setup service for small businesses who want to be seen more on Google maps & search. I will come to your business, take photos and get to know you, and the services that you offer.

With this information in hand, I can set you up with a Google My Business page, and get you ranking for key search terms relevant to your business within 48 hours. 

Pretty fast? Right? How many other marketing strategies take 48 hours to implement but keep on giving customers for years after? I’ll tell you. None.

Take photos & write descriptions


Wait for a minimum of 48 hours

Be listed on local search for years

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