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AJSites as a company provides many different services. From logo design & creation. To web design, website hosting and search engine optimization services. I have gathered my most commonly asked questions on this FAQ page to hopefully settle any questions I get asked often

How does your pricing structure work?

AJSites operates on a unique pay per performance model. Unlike many of my competitors, you only pay more when you are getting results. Why? Because I work on hours. Because of this, I cannot set a “packaged” price for my services. My pricing depends on the type of business, your goals, and what you’re currently utilizing online. I determine my price by thoroughly analyzing your current marketing strategies. I will analyze your current website position for key search terms related to your business. I also analyze how much your competitors are likely spending on paid ads for the same search phrases. Because of the nature of your success, I provide pricing based on the research I find for your situation.


Will you lock me into a contract?

Web marketing is measured throughout time. I will openly admit that it takes time to rank a website at the top of Google for all relevant keywords for that business. But that is what I provide, a steady flow of potential customers being able to view your site for the terms they are searching. It is not a quick hit of traffic to your business. Although I offer “á la carte” services such as graphic design & social media profile clean-ups. I generally work with small to medium sized businesses who either have no presence online or have a very limited exposure. My marketing campaigns run from 6 months to 2 years. If you’re not ready for such a commitment with your company, I would highly recommend you revisit me in the future. My services work best for businesses who are set on growth as their mindset. That is because it is my mindset too. 

What makes you different from other digital marketing companies?

I never outsource. Ever. I stand apart from all other companies or individuals doing digital marketing in this respect. Many companies outsource tasks such as content writing. Predominantly to 3rd world countries. Paying pence on the pound for thousands of words written by someone who has a basic grasp on the English language. I most certainly do not agree with these business practices. And sure, these tactics may fool Google into thinking you have a relevant website, but if your visitors can spot the various grammatical mistakes and errors made by such amateurs, your brand image and search rankings can actually be negatively affected as a result. You don’t want this, I don’t want the headache of telling someone in Pakistan what the difference between their and there is. That is why I write and code everything myself. 100% authentic, the real McCoy. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of gaining higher rankings in Google’s search algorithm. Complicated? Not really. Google rents the top positions out as paid advertising. Then slightly below that, you can see the people who are there based on the relevance of their website. That is what I do. I make sure your website is as optimized and as relevant as possible to people searching for words related to your business. When someone searches for a word or phrase, for example, “SEO in Taunton” Google finds all of the websites on the web that mention the words “SEO in Taunton” or synonyms of those words.  The more times you mention words relevant to “SEO in Taunton”, include images related to “SEO in Taunton”. The more likely you are to rank high on the search results for those keywords. Other factors play into it, but having an optimized profile online is half the battle.

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